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Are Massage Guns Worth It?

In the time we’re living in, it’s hard to get to the health spa or doctor’s office for a relaxing massage. Getting a massage from a professional like a masseuse or physical therapist can be very difficult or even impossible depending on where you live. On top of that, massages are often expensive and out of the average spender’s budget. 

That’s why a growing number of massage-enthusiasts have invested in a massage gun to help them get soothing relief at home or on the go for the cost of a couple sessions with a pro. 

What is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun (or percussion massager) is a health tool that delivers short, rapid strokes of pressure to muscles. They’ve been used by athletes and trainers for years to assist in after workout recovery and warm up. 

Like a normal massage, they work by applying pressure to muscles to reduce swelling and promote circulation. They then pulse to quickly move the muscles around to provide myofascial release 

Massage guns shouldn’t to be confused with other types of massagers that use vibration. The pulsing motion of massage guns is more directional and is able to better stimulate muscle tissue. It mimics the motion and pressure of massage therapy more accurately than vibration and has better supported health benefits. 

Massage guns usually resemble a drill and often come with multiple attachments to adjust the firmness or feel of the massage.  

The cost of a massage gun can vary greatly in price. High end guns might cost upwards of $600, though you can find cheaper alternatives for under $100. However, as with any product, the less expensive models are often less durable and have fewer features or are less customizable. So it’s important to make an informed decision when considering your best options. 

Are Massage Guns Good?

While nothing can truly replace a masseuse’s expertise, a massage gun is a great tool for people looking to relieve muscle pain, prep for workouts, or take care of their muscles after exercising. It’s convenient and portable and “on-demand” therapy. 

Percussion Therapy After Workouts

Warming up before a work out helps reduce injuryUsing massage guns after you exercise is very common among athletes. And for good reason: 

Research suggests that using a massage gun after your workout is just as effective at preventing muscle soreness as traditional massage. This leads to a shorter recovery time, meaning you can get up off the matt and back to the grind more quickly. 

Pre-Workout Warm-Up

Any trainer will tell you that warming up is an essential part of any workout. Getting muscles moving with a good stretch is helpful, but a massage gun can provide that extra boost to increase circulation.  

Use the massage gun to gently massage the muscles you plan to focus on in your workout. This can help reduce your risks of muscle strain or injury. 

Pain Relief

Another reason to invest in a massage gun is chronic pain. Conditions like arthritis, sciatica, and back pain can be helped by a massage gun, because it makes giving yourself a quick massage at home easy.  

With these conditions, pain can often come on suddenly and relief needs to be swift. Having a small massage gun on hand, like the Jawku Mini, can help you work knots out of spasming muscles fast. 

Have you ever traveled and had to sit in an uncomfortable position for a long time, like on an airplane, a train, or in a car? Travel often leads to stiff necks, cramped legs, and sore backs. Since massage guns are portable, jetsetters can use them to increase circulation and alleviate the soreness associated with traveling.    


Me time is important to your mental and physical health. Taking a moment in your day to focus on yourself and your body can help with stress, anxiety, and increase mindfulness. A massage gun can help because the pressure and sensation of massage releases endorphins, which are part of our body’s natural mechanism for relaxing and de-stressing. 

Can you use a massage gun by yourself?

Yes, you can use a massage gun on your own! In fact, it is recommended that if you’re going to use a massage gun you should use it on yourself. If someone else tries to use the massage gun on you, even if they are a professional, they can’t tell how much pressure to apply.  

This makes it easier to overwork a muscle, develop a bruise, or hit a nerve. Basically, it’s a lot easier to get injured when trusting someone else to use the gun for you. 

For that reason, massage guns are ideal for giving yourself a massage at home or on the go.  

Where to get massage guns

When shopping for a massage gun, be mindful of the noise, the weight, and the battery life. The best massage guns will be cordless and have brushless motors to keep them quiet.  

At Health Mate, we carry two models: the Jawku Muscle Blaster and the Jawku Mini, which is smaller and more portable. Both models are cordless and rechargeable with over 4 hours of battery life. They are rated at under 40 decibels and come with attachments to adjust the feel and type of massage. 

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