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About Us

Forty years ago, sometime in 1979, we introduced the first infrared sauna. However, from where we stand, forty years ago doesn't seem all that far away.

"Sitting in a sauna feels good." This remarkable line was a significant factor behind the beginning of our company. What if people could sit in a sauna that is way better than what they would find at the fitness centers or hotel in their homes' comfort?

But, that's far from the main reason that we started our company. We know for a fact that life is precious. With this realization comes great responsibility - to live healthier and encourage others to do the same.

Among the many ways of staying healthy, we choose to venture into this business. Sauna bathing has proven to have several benefits, not just with the physical but also with a person's emotional and mental well-being. It both has immediate and long term effects. There is no wonder why people prefer to include taking sauna sessions after a workout in the gym or even during vacation.

Top Sauna Benefits for your Health

Increase Blood Circulation

One of the benefits of sauna bathing is increased blood circulation. Due to the heat, the heart beats faster, which results in the blood vessels to widen. Thus, it helps blood to circulate in one's body more freely. Once there is an increase in blood circulation, it soothes and improves other health-related issues, such as muscle soreness, joint movement, arthritis, among the few.

Weight Loss

Among the many ways of losing weight that is popular today, sauna bathing is as effective. It makes one's heart beats faster due to the heat. A similar thing happens during exercise wherein the body's metabolism speeds up, which helps one lose 400 calories! Being on a sauna may not be as intense as a workout, but it can help maintain and control weight.

Toxins Removal

Due to work or other personal circumstances, some do not even sweat that much. Sweating is significant as it is the only way to flush toxins out of the body. Sauna bathing can help sweat profoundly due to the intense heat. During this process, the unimportant elements such as lead, arsenic, and cadmium found under one's skin will be flushed out of the body as well. Spending time doing sauna bathing can help eliminate these elements and other toxins safely and comfortably. Thus, it helps make skin clean and clear-looking.

Stress Removal

People have proven and tested how a sauna can help relieve stress. The secret component is the sauna's heat. The heat helps a person relax and, in turn, helps regulate the cortisol level of the blood. Cortisol is the hormone released once a person is stressed. Sauna bathing can help produce more serotonin instead, which is known as "happy hormones." It helps brighten one's mood. Hence, people who do sauna bathing regularly tend to feel lighter and stress-free.

Activate Deep Sleep

If you have a hard time sleeping soundly at night, sauna bathing is one of the most effective solutions. According to research, those who use the sauna experienced more in-depth and more relaxed sleep after the session. Once endorphins and body temperature falls after being released during a sauna session, it helps make the person fall asleep much faster. The decline of endorphins is the key to achieving a deep and more relaxed rest.

Strengthen Immune System

Sauna bathing can help make one's immune system stronger. How is this possible? During sauna bathing, there is more production of white blood cells. The white blood cells' primary responsibility is fighting against harmful bacteria and infections. According to research, those who have been doing sauna bathing have a high count of white blood cells, and they tend to heal faster when they are sick.

How Sauna Can Help You Live Longer?


Improve Cardiovascular System

It is widely known that stress is related to high blood pressure and heart disease. Once stress level decreases due to sauna bathing, it helps eliminate the person's risks having major health issues. Aside from this fantastic benefit, sauna sessions can also help reduce the risk of heart attacks as it helps increase heart rate, the same when a person is doing an exercise.

Boost Brain Health

According to the study of Dr. Jari Laukkanen and other professionals, those who regularly do sauna sessions for at least four times to seven times a week with a temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit have a lower risk of experiencing Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Improve Social Interaction

Although sauna bathing can be very relaxing, being with other people can stimulate a different sensation. Sauna rooms can encourage people to interact with each other, and it is very beneficial to open, profound, or even intimate conversation. Social interaction is helpful for one's mental health. Being able to converse with others can help a person feel happier and content.

Encourage Healthy Living

Aside from the rest of the benefits, this is one of the most important benefits of doing sauna bathing. Once the advantages of sauna bathing are recognized, the person reflects on how taking responsibility for one's health is. Every person has a choice to live longer, healthier, and happier. Thus, people who are into sauna bathing are more convinced to improve their general experience and help others achieve it.

Positive Outlook

Sauna bathing is not just right for one's body, but it is also suitable for you. There is an unexplainable feeling after every sauna session. It truly feels fantastic, and it is addicting, which makes one try it more often. After a long day at work or in school, everyone deserves to treat oneself with the relaxing effect brought by a sauna session in the comfort of one's home. The only thing that matters at the end of each day is, we look better, feel better, and sleep better than yesterday. All it takes is a regular sauna bathing session; then, one is off to reap the benefits.

The Secret Of Health Mate’s Sauna

Saunas are not some hastily-thrown together thing. They do improve your life. Sure, it might take a bit of time to see the actual health benefits. But, the immediate result of feeling great when you sit in a sauna happens instantly. The rest of the benefits, the healthy life-long ones, they come in time. And when they arrive, you realize that a healthier life is indeed possible.

There is always a way to live healthier. There is still a way to live happier. We are glad to be able to help every step of the way, 40 years and more.

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