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Latest News

  • Does Chromotherapy Actually Work? The History of Light Therapy and Health
    What is Chromotheraphy?  The term “chromotherapy” is one of many used to describe attempting to heal or alleviate medical symptoms using light, especially using colored light.   Just as infrared saunas use infrared light to provide certain health benefits, chromotherapy uses light in the visible part of the spectrum as a treatment for certain health concerns, both physical and psychological. Source Wikipedia  The History of Healing With Color  Throughout history, many cultures and traditions [read more]
  • Massage guns are used to perform percussion therapy on sore musclesAre Massage Guns Worth It?
    In the time we’re living in, it’s hard to get to the health spa or doctor’s office for a relaxing massage. Getting a massage from a professional like a masseuse or physical therapist can be very difficult or even impossible depending on where you live. On top of that, massages are often expensive and out of the average spender’s budget.  That’s why a growing number of massage-enthusiasts have invested in a massage gun to help them get soothing relief at home or on the go for the cost of a [read more]
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